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Starting Up Young Social Entrepreneurship Project,  SUYSE

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships/VET Projects 

Project No 2016-1-ES01-KA202-025329 

Why the project is needed:

  • Lack of opportunities that young people suffering to find a job. 
  • A social change in the labour market has taken place in great speed.
  • One of the ways to create employment is to create a social start up (self-employment).
  • Social start ups play an important role for an economic growth and job creation within the communities, as a new formula for overcoming the serious current economic situation.

Youth unemployment rate: Scotland:14.9%; Bulgaria 19.4%; Italy 37.9%; Spain 45.7% (source:Eurostat). Whereas before, people looked for and found jobs as employees, nowadays it is much harder. Entrepreneurship has become a trend but many people still lack the skills, tools and knowledge to launch a social start up that will succeed. Start ups operating: Scotland: 5.199 social; Italy:13918; Spain: over 4200. 

A social start up try to serve the interests of the community (social, societal and environmental) rather than looking for to maximize benefits. They're innovative through the products or services they offer, and through the organizational and productive methods they use, which provide an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the highly competitive environment. Often employ the most fragile members of society (socially excluded). This way, they contribute to social cohesion, employment and the reduction of inequality.

Project objectives:

  • To empower youth by acquiring competences in decision making, teamwork, adaptability, social abilities
  • To strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and orientation to increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  • To lower the unemployment rate among young people; to support creation of enterprises with social and environmental aims.
  • To help to empower society, promotes social cohesion; and positive impact on the PIB 

Target groups/Participants

  • Unemployed young people at social risk with a social project idea, 
  • Youth  with only compulsory studies or NEETS 
  • Handicapped youth. 

They are the ones having a harder time finding jobs and have fewer opportunities. With this project, we pretend to provide them with more opportunities to overcome their current situation. Youth unemployment affects the whole of society for young people are the future.

Main Activities

  1. Research, co-development and validation of the innovative methodology - 3 phases: Online training; Participative work & Guidance; Deep working immersion – apprenticeship.
  2. Research and selection of the more suitable online open access platform social platform for the project to upload the online modules of this. The platform will be very intuitive and easy to use, mostly in video & text format, with a forum for interaction among participants from all countries, moderated by trainers. 
  3. Training module development such as What is a social Start up?, Social Innovation, Social Business Idea Development, Social business plan, Fundraising, Communication and dissemination, Local and transnational social networks, Legal, economic and tax fields.
  4. Creation of the Training Guide for the creation of social Start ups
  5. Training for trainers - Teaching Units,  Evaluation methodology,  Objective,  Guidelines.
  6. Research and creation of Mooc courses - The Massive Online Open to offer to trainers at the Training for trainers week.
  7. Social Entrepreneurship training – online training, practical tasks and apprenticeship with guidelines and Apprenticeship in  appropriate social enterprises 
  8. Preparation of the European Social Entrepreneurship Certificate 
  9. Preparation and carrying out of the International and local Conferences to present the project outputs and results for start ups, social entrepreneurs, target group, VET schools, organizations working on social  entrepreneurship, local authorities, regional authorities, local development agencies, unemployment agencies, etc.
  10. Project web-page - project objectives, the methodology, the modules, the target group,a link to the online social platform and to the Traing Guide to create social start ups, training courses and good experiences and best practices from those youths that have carried out the training program and have started working in the social market, a link to the Mooc Course, a labour exchange section where people with ideas on social start ups can look for people to add up to their project; and links on funding or Institutions/organizations, etc from each country that work to promote social entrepreneurship. 


  1. Co-developed methodology on how to start up a social start up 
  2. Training Modules Developed
  3. Training Guide for the creation of social Start ups prepared
  4. Online social Platform start up oriented selected
  5. MOOC Courses launched
  6. Trainings and apprenticeship provided for 20 young people in each partner’s country
  7. European social entrepreneurship certificates developed
  8.  Project web page 

Project Partners:

ITD -Innovación, Transferencia y Desarrollo, Spain

Avalon, Барселона , Spain

McSence Communication Ltd, Eastern Scotland

Business Incubator – Gotse DElchev, Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre



The experience of the partners, which differ from organization to organization, on vocational training, conslutancy, social incubators, specific training courses related to entrepreneurial skills and social management, among others, contribute greatly to making a Partnersip that covers all areas of work necessary to carry out an innovative approach.



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