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Bridging the Gap Project

Bridging the Gap

Leonardo Da Vinchi Life-learning Programme - Transfer of Innovations



The aim of The Bridge Model is to create new businesses and jobs driven by fresh ideas, innovation and bright minds.

The aim of this EU funded project, Bridging the Gap, is to make The Bridge Model a truly European methodology which will be available to all who wish to access it. The Bridge Model breaks down barriers….it can be used in rural and urban areas; peripheral and core areas; by women and men and is an approach that works irrespective of ethnicity, sexuality, religion, disability and location – it is inclusive and cost effective.


  • Bridging To The Furture(UK)
  • Merseyside Expanding Horisons(UK)
  • Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP)
  • Business Development Friesland (BDF)


The aim of WP1 is to:

  • Ensure the strategic and operational success of the project
  • Ensure that all partners work effectively together and that they maintain close adherence to the plans and objectives of the project.
  • Ensure that the partnership produces the highest quality transfer of innovation it can.

WP2 - Needs Analysis and Evaluation

WP2's aim is to fully understand the characteristics and variety of the micro-entrepreneur ecosystem across the EU as the foundation for the TOI and what and how it needs to be adapted to meet the needs established in the State of Art.

WP3 - Preparation, Adaption and Transfer

The Aim of WP3 is to create the final products (a dvd, a coursebook and a step-by-step guide) of the Bridging the Gap. This will see MEH take the initial entrepreneur & enterprise training and support Programme "The Bridge Model" developed by Bridging to the Future and to share experiences amongst partners.

WP4 - Piloting and Testing

The aim of WP4 is to successfully test and pilot The Bridge Model Europe. The purpose of this is to ensure that the adapted and trasnferred products fully meet the needs of business incubators, VET trainers, learners and the World of Work

WP5 - Quality Management and Evaluation

WP 5 aims to guarantee quality at every stage of the project and to evaluate the development of the project and its progress towards reaching the objectives. WP5 will ensure that quality is built into the working processes: this means a top-down dimension regarding the formulation of overall procedures.

WP 6 - Dissemination and Exploitation


The aim of WP6 is to create strong awareness of project results at European level, with the aim of multiplying the impact and subsequent exploitation of the final products. This aim will be addressed through meeting the following sub-aims; To enhance project visibility and create awareness within business/ enterprise.


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