S.E.NEET - Social Entrepreneurship to battle Youth Social Exclusion Project


Duration - 24 months

The overall objective of this project is to empower youths facing social exclusion due to unemployment, by giving them an opportunity to fulfill their potential and be impactful members of the society by introducing them to the benefits of social entrepreneurship.


- to provide young social entrepreneurs with the required skills and competences to succeed in the modern competitive market environment and increase the positive impact of their businesses on
- to develop transnational cooperation in the field of social entrepreneurship by exchanging good practices and experiences between partner countries
- to introduce the concept and potential benefits of social entrepreneurship to youths facing social exclusion due to low skills and unemployment (NEETs)
- to improve the skills and competences of young people that are required to succeed in the field of social entrepreneurship
- to improve young NEETs ability to utilize the internet and social media in order to promote their businesses online
- to improve communication, interaction, cooperation skills of participants especially in an international environment - to improve language skills of participants
- to introduce participant to the cultural environment of other partner countries
- to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a European community
- to improve the effectiveness of youth workers on providing training and guidance to NEETs with regard to the necessary skills they need to possess in order to compete effectively in the business

TARGET GROUPS: Young people facing the risk of social exclusion due to fewer opportunities and unemployment.

- Empowerment of young NEETs facing social exclusion due to unemployment
- Improved understanding of concept and benefits social entrepreneurship by NEETs
- Improved skills and competences of young NEETs willing to explore their possibilities in social entrepreneurship
- The granting of access to young people to successful examples and opportunities in the field of social enterprises through the exchange of good practices
- Young NEETs will be able to use the internet and social media to promote their businesses and disseminate the impact of their work
- Young NEETs will have a better grasp of topics as entrepreneurial marketing and behaviour, business planning, market assessment and social entrepreneurship
- Improved ability of youth workers to train and encourage young people to take up social entrepreneurship
- Improved communication, interaction, cooperation and language skills of participants
- Improved knowledge of participants of different cultural environments
- Young NEETs will develop a sense of belonging in a wider European community
- 50 NEETs and 15 educators will receive training during the project


  • MPIRMPAKOS D. & SIA O.E., Greece
  • Cda College, Cyprus
  • Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria

Introduction to social entrepreneurship Training for NEETs in Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev

December, 2019

Intensive practical training on Social entrepreneurship. 4 youth teams worked on developing their ideas for social business and elaborated strategies for marketing their products and developing networks of supporters. They had study visits in working social enterprises in region and together with experienced social entrepreneur from local cultural center produced small products.


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