association of people and organizations, engaged and working for the development of the tourism in Mesta - Nestos region


The "Mesta - Nestos - two countries, one region, one tourist destination" Project is initiated and executed by Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Drama, Greece.

The project is aiming to overcome the isolation of the Mesta - Nestos cross-border region and to stimulate the economic development through joining the efforts of the small communities, the public and the private sectors from the both sides of the border.

The aims of the project:

- Development of unified system for organization and management of the activities for the proposed tourist products and services in Mesta - Nestos region
- Development and enriching the tourist services and attractions in the region
- Setting prerequisites for implementing new tourist products and representing the region as attractive place for recreation, tourism and relaxation.
- Stimulating the complete and adequate usage of the natural and human resources, and setting prerequisite for the development of the alternative tourism through through preserving the unique nature and rich historic and cultural heritage.
- Development of the cross-border region Mesta - Nestos as a tourist destination through development of marketing strategy.
- Rising the employment in tourism.

This project is financed by the EU Phare CBC Bulgaria - Greece programme
Project activities :
1. Developing of a common data base with information for institutions, companies, and organizations from Bulgarian side: hotels, private lodging, restaurants, attractions, museums, galleries, objects of historical and cultural significance, natural landmarks, craftshops, travel agencies and transport companies, NGOs and local authorities, etc.
2. Development of a tourist association for sustainable development of the tourism and effective proposals of tourist products and services. There are participating suppliers of tourist products and services and NGOs.
3. Development of marketing strategy
4. Preparation and training of the participant in the association
5. analyse of the association members
6. Situation analyse of the environment
7. Realization of supporting marketing programme on realization the marketing strategy.
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