Social Enterprise Ecosystem Development - SEED

Interreg - IPA CBC Programme

Duration: 2019 - 2021


Objectives: The project contributes to social human capital development, employment fostering, community development and thus social and economic development of the region through interconnected intervention in 2 main important direction:

1) the intensive work with young people and NGOs to build their capacity for social entrepreneurship and

2) uniting efforts of stakeholders to raise awareness and develop ecosystem for support of social entrepreneurship, social innovation and cooperation.

The project encourages individual development of the youths and NGOs through investing in people, in their capacities and creativity, and empowers them creating opportunity for jobs or own business, improves their social skills, new interactions and network by transferring knowledge and developing skills of young people and NGOs for social innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulates them for innovative thinking and contribution to development in the region and social cohesion.

Main activities:

  • Campaign for Social Entrepreneurship awareness and Ideas gathering in both sides of the cross-border region
  • Social Entrepreneurship Hubs establishment (1 in Bulgarian and 1 in Macedonia).
  • Training contents development of Social Entrepreneurship e-learning.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem workshop - with stakeholders, potential actors in SE ecosystem. 
  • Knowledge transfer and skills development on social entrepreneurship
  • 3-day Social Entrepreneurship Camp
  • Intensive learning in EU country for 8 Macedonian and 10 Bulgarian Hubs participants+ 4 team members will take 4-day visit to learn about good EU practice in social business development
  • CB Social Entrepreneurship Marketplace in BG for the first time in the MK-BG CB region.
  • CB Conference on Social Entrepreneurship in MK


- Foundation for Development of Small and Medium Entreprises - Strumica

- Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev

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