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:: "employment in tourism - a chance for unemployed youths from gotse delchev region" project ::

The "Employment in tourism - a chance for unemployed youths from Gotse Delchev region" project is focused in the social exclusion of youths from the region of Gotze Delchev, aged between 16 and 29, with low education and no skills and the measures for its eliminationе. Same time the tourism in the region suffers from the shortage of enough qualified workers able to provide the tourist services in demand. There was made a training for 24 young people with low qualification from the Mesta region for Cooks and Chambermaids, devided in 3 groups. The trainees passed theoretical, and practical training and one month practice in comapny.

The specific objectives to be reached by the end of the project are:
- Acquisition of vocational qualifications as chambermaid by 16 long-term unemployed youths between 16 and 29 years of age, with low education and no qualifications
- Acquisition of vocational qualifications as cook by 8 long-term unemployed youths aged between 16 and 29, with low qualification.
- Formation of labour habits in 24 unemployed youths and enhancing their adaptation to the changed conditions of work in tourist compaies (public catering establishments, hotels, private lodgings and accommodation locations)
- Active assistance for sustainable employment of unemployed youths through hiring at least 10 youths at permanent jobs in tourist sites in the region of Gotze Delchev.
- Better chances for social inclusion of 24 unemployed unskilled youths from the municipalities of Gotze delchev, Gurmen, Sativcha and Hadjidimovo.


The project is financed by the International Labour Office - ILO and is executed by Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev in partnership with Baroto hotel and Valentino hotel, Gotse Delchev.



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