Implemented projects

Diversification and Promotion of Tourist Products and Services in the High Western Rhodopes Fishing Area Project

Priority: №4 "Sustainable development of fisheries areas"

Measure the Operational Program: №4.1 "Development of fisheries areas"

Measure of SCM 2.1. Restructuring and redirecting economic activities, in particular by promoting eco-tourism, provided that these activities do not result in an increase in fishing effort

The overall objective of the project: Development of the fishing area as a leading tourist destination in the Western Rhodopes through development of tourist products and services with high added value and integrated promotion of the territory.

Project results:

  • Developed capacity of the stakeholders for sustainable tourist practices - organized and implemented 8 two-day training workshops in tourism
  • Developed tourist packages (goods and services) with high added value - 4 new tourist packages
  • Marketing of the destination - specialized bilingual thematic brochure to present the opportunities for tourism in the territory; small book with recommendations for environmental behavior in the region of the water  objects from the territory, articles in specialized national publications, representing the opportunities for tourism and fishing in the fishing area; publicity through 2 press-conferences, elaborated and placed information board.
  • Exchange of experience and promotion of good practices, related with the development of sustainable tourism - good practices research, organized study visit

Diversification and Promotion of Tourism Products and Services in the High Western Rhodopes Fishing Area  Project BG-04HWR-2.1-010 is implemented by Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev, Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre under Operative Programme for Development of Fishing Sector of Republic Bulgaria, financed by the European fund for fishing for the Programme Period 2007-2013. 





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