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:: "New employment and partnership opportunities within the Mesta border region " Project ::

The "New employment and partnership opportunities within the Mesta border region" project to create effective opportunities for reducing unemployment and undertake successful training of unemployed specialists with university degrees in the Mesta border region to help them access the labour market. Specific objects are to improve professional skills of 20 unemployed specialists with university degrees through obtaining of new knowledge and practical experience and to build their capacity to develop and manage projects on EU Funds which will help them to find appropriate jobs in the region and support municipalities to develop good projects to resolve key social and economic problems and achieve sustainable economic and social development by attracting local, national and EU resources.

The project is financed uner the EU Phare CBC Bulgaria - Greece Programme and is executed by Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev in partnership with LEDA - Razlog and Chamber of commerce and Industry - Drama, Greece.

The project target groups are unemployed specialists with university degree registered in local Labour Offices in Gotse Delchev and Razlog and young specialists without experience from municipal administrations within the Mesta Region who need to obtain Manager Qualification and to build their capacity to utilize EU Funds.

The beneficiaries under the project were trained and acquired professional qualification Economist Manager. The training program included common Computer literacy and Presentation skills, Business Communications, Marketing, Management and Finance, Project Development, Bulgarian Operational Programmes for absorption of EU Structural Funds, Cooperation and Public Private Partnership Development.

As closing event of the project there was organized a Forum on "Local Capacity Development for effective utilization of EU Structural Funds". The 20 young people presented their 8 municipal proposals to demonstrate their ideas for the future in the region and the knowledge and skills they have obtained for one-year training in the Business Incubator-Gotse Delchev. The proposals aim to resolve local community's problems or use opportunities for development. Projects are infrastructural such as a regional airport, diversification of agricultural sector and forestry, Human resources development in the tourism sector and providing social services for disadvantaged children and encouraging children creativity by involving them in theatre and art activities.


- 15 unemployed with higher education and 5 specialists with insufficient experience are included in the training courses
- training with 6 modules is implemented, with general duration 960 hours, as each module finishes with test. The modules computer literacy and English are for unemployed persons.
- 98% graduate the complete training course
- 3 trainees successfully graduate practical training in Greece
Developed 14 project conceptions
- Developed 7 municipal project applications
- 50% of the trainees are hired based of the obtained qualification till the finish of the project



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