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socks - Adile Kadi, Breznitsa

Knitted Socks

Knitted socks are a colourful fairy tale from the peaks of Pirin and Rhodoppes. With a great deal of imagination and skill, masters intertwine the colours of nature in them. The socks of Lazhnitsa, Kornitsa and Breznitsa are unique - red, yellow, blue, black, green, pink and brown girdle white socks in stripes. Satovcha, Kochan, Pletena, Ribnovo and Dolen socks are no less interesting, showing unique colour combinations. Wool and cotton are preferred. Women's socks are rich in colours while men wear simpler models.

socks with flowers - Alimaska Ljuskova, Dolen

socks - Adile Kadi, Breznitsa

men's socks - Jana Chausheva, Kochan

colorful socks - Jana Chausheva, Kochan

socks and slippers - Fikra Kiskineva, Skrebatno

socks - Antoaneta Bektasheva, Pletena

socks from the village of Lujntsa

socks from the village of Lujnitsa

socks - Sabrie Chivalieva

socks - Kamelia Juzekchieva

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