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The Craftsmen

Adile Madjar, Adile Kadi and Zejnep Bektash from Breznitsa are giving their skills in weaving and knitting to their children and grandchildren

The People - The Wealth Of This Region

"To the Muslim woman, weaving is a celebration. What has come from of her hands is her pride. Her victory. It has spread the glory of her hands, it has told about the beauty of her soul… Admiration, thirst, sadness and joy - all have blended into her textiles to give birth to beauty…"

Nikolay Haitov

Sabrie Chivalieva and Saldatka Metusheva from Ablanitsa

Dobrinka and Toni Kalfovi from Gotse Delchev are spending their free time in knitting

Sjulejme Ashirkova from Lujnitsa

Kamelia Juzekchieva from Satovcha

Adile Kadi from Breznitsa

Aishe Dafuleva from Pletena

Elmira and Atidje Rashid from Dolno Drianovo

Family from the village of Ribnovo

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