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"chan" bell - Rajko Tjumbelekchiev, Gotse Delchev

Bell-casting and Coppersmithing

Cattle breeding has been well developed in this region for ages. It was the desire of shepherds to sing that brought into life a craft full of romance and music - bell-casting.

What is a mountain without a herd and what is a herd without bells. Each herd has its own sound - to show whose it is. To tell the bride her husband is coming home. Bells were both a desire and a pride. Chanove - the living song of the mountain…

"kjulci" bells from the ethnographical exposition of the Historical Museum in Gotse Delchev

"kjulci" bells from the ethnographical exposition of the Historical Museum in Gotse Delchev

The technology of bell-casting is complex and difficult, and the master craftsmen kept its secret jealously. That secret was also one of the unique musical aesthetics and feel for harmony of the masters. By their 'voice' bells were classified in 16 or 19 types and formed a musical scale with all its tones and half-tones. In the so-called dyuzen including all bells - from the smallest to the biggest - masters demonstrated their talent of natural-born musicians.

Coppersmithing is a craft of tradition in the Gotse Delchev region. During the centuries, masters have produces a wide range of items for the household, cattle and farm. Copper products has a special beauty and warmth of their own. They say copper coffee pots make the best coffee. Warm rakia in a copper pot is like a nectar for Gods. Everyone would be happy to receive a copper set. The soft light of the pots and the unique coziness they bring in make them a desired present at any occasion. Copper pots are warm and shiny, and their skillful decoration can create the illusion of amber locked inside. You look at them and it seems that, if you turn off the lights, they will shine brightly on their own. If you spread your hands, you'll get warm - better than fire. And if a sunray will touch them, they will sparkle like a gem…

Master Husein Tjumbelekchiev makes copper pots - cups, coffee - pots, bawls, plates and coppers in the way they were making them in the old Nevrokop

copper coffee set Husejn Tjumbelekchiev, Gotse Delchev

coppers - Husejn Tjumbelekchiev, Gotse Delchev

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