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wooden souvenirs - Georgi Avramov, Gotse Delchev


To achieve harmonic beauty on wood, it takes a lot of love, endless patience to cut the hundreds of small lines, and a perfect sight to combine these lines in shapes; to produce that ethereal interlacing that brings happiness to us - like the view of a beautiful girl's face. This beauty comes mainly from outside, from life and nature, from the unlimited imagination seen through the prism of talent.

wood-carving - N. Velev, Gotse Delchev

Only a man who feels wood by his heart can make a carving that will come to life in front of your eyes. Only a gifted master could see the ready product by looking at a piece of wood. With wood-carvers, spirituality is assigned not only to the product but to the very material as well. Intertwined branches, birds, real pictures and fantasies are brought together in a miracle created from a simple piece of wood.

Wood comes to life, talks to you and makes you happy. It brings the forest to your home and fascinates you. Every wood-carving has a special charm. And you could always spread your fingers on it and feel the spirit of wood. It is unthinkable that somebody living amidst the magnificent forests of Pirin or the Rhodoppes could not wish to bring wood to life. Wonderful samples of the wood-carving art can nowadays be seen in the ceilings of old houses, chests, tables and church iconostases.

wood-carving - Mehmed Porej, Breznitsa

the nature in the wood-carvings of N. Velev, Gotse Delchev

the nature in the wood-carvings of N. Velev, Gotse Delchev

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