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The Gotse Delchev Region

Picturesque and romantic, authentic and mythical - these words describe the region of Gotse Delchev. Here past and future blend together in a fascinating mixture of cultures, traditions, and modern life…

The very location of Gotse Delchev, Garmen, Satovcha and Hadzhidimovo Municipalities is unique. Here the mountains of Pirin, Rhodoppi, Slavyanka and Stargach meet - a small stretch of land with a magnificent landscape.

This area is one of the richest in waters and forests in all of Bulgaria. The northeast slopes of Pirin hide numerous cirque lakes, which flow into the tributaries of Mesta River. Especially beautiful are the Breznishki, Kornishki and Kamenishki Lakes. Mineral waters abound at the feet of mountains. The unique natural gifts complement the trans-Mediterranean climate: southern sun in three seasons and a snow-white winter, an abundance of fruit and vegetables, delicious cuisine and aromatic wines..

Beauty and Nice Rest in Pirin an Rodopa Mountains

The location of this region is 200 km south from Sofia, almost at the border with Greece. All that can bring joy and enlightenment to the soul is to be found in the Gotse Delchev region. The combination of cultural traditions, rich historical heritage, natural givings and geographical location offers wonderful conditions for rural and eco-tourism development in the area. The villages of Dolen and Kovachevitsa are designated cultural and historical reserves. The architecture and old-time atmosphere of these villages, together with Leshten and Delchevo, attract many visitors from the country and abroad.

Kapsuzovi's house in Kovatchevitsa is one of the houses, which has saved the ancient spirit and propose cozy athmosphere to the tourists from Bulgaria and foreign countries




Wherever you go, you are welcome. The four villages will fascinate you, each one offering something of its own.


Whole villages such as Kovachevitsa, Dolen, Delchevo and Leshten present unique samples of Bulgarian architectural traditions

Kovachevitsa - a cultural and historical reserve - has to show prime examples of National Revival Period architecture. .


High stone walls, stone roofs and authentic style. Narrow winding streets. Unforgettable atmosphere. Time has stopped here - this is the village of Kovatchevitsa.

In order to reach Kovachevitsa, one has to pass by Leshten. White houses with large terraces (chardatsi) and stone roofs, scattered around the small ravine. Labyrinth of stone streets. A real village inn in the centre.

The village of Leshten also offers excelent conditions for alternative and rural tourism - beautiful nature, great architecture, modern comfort and the romantic of the gone times...

In Dolen you could observe craftsmen working. Soon small workshops will be reopened, just like it used to be once.

The village of Dolen

Above the town of Gotse Delchev, perching like an eagle, is the village of Delchevo. Up there between the steep slopes, it offers amazing views. Spectacular architectural ensembles have preserved the National Revival Period atmosphere. The village is located in amidst an old beech forest, generously gifted by nature with clean waters, fresh air and a bird's view of the Gotse Delchev ravine.
If you choose to stay here, you will get everything: peaceful home, patriarchal vacation, and the opportunity to pick up your own dinner. Your hosts will offer you a walk or ride in the mountain, fishing or hunting, and many other ways to spend your time excitingly.

The town of Gotse Delchev

The church "Sveta Bogorodica" in Gotse Delchev

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