association of people and organizations, engaged and working for the development of the tourism in Mesta - Nestos region

Village of Banichan  
  • Children in folk costumes with bagpipe are meeting the tourists with crane's bill.
  • Welcoming with bread and salt at the entrance of the church
  • The group is dressed with authentic costumes - the most beautiful costumes in our region are preserved during the ages.
  • It is consisted of several generations, the most attractive participant is only 2 years old!
  • Custom - stealing a bride
  • Demonstration - making a kit - decoration of an apron
  • Making a magic wedding posy
  • Songs and dances of the group
Village of Delchevo    
  • The old women of Delchevo are making tasteful banitza pastry - salty or sweet on the balcony of the old houses, while they are singing.
  • There could be visited the church, an open bread bakery and the village brandy distiller.
Village of Dolen    
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  • Welcoming from the women of Dolen near the fire-place or under the deep shadow of the trellis vine.
  • The characteristic high singing in Dolen and the magic words of the songs about the people from the village - their love, good and bad, makes the time goes quicker and quicker.
  • Demonstrations: How is being carded a wool on a hand gill
  • Spinning a fleecy thread
  • Exhibition - bazaar of authentic textile from Dolen
  • Visit in the church and walk in the village
Gotse Delchev    
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  • Demonstration of old pottery craft. Everyone could try on his own to make a piece of ceramics.
  • Making icons.
  • Coppersmithing
  • Beltmaking
  • Permanent exhibition of crafts and textile in the Municipal museum of Gotse Delchev. The museum has one of the richest ethnographic collections in Bulgaria - almost in each village in the region there are local costumes - different then the rest, local fabrics and colors.
  • For the tourists it is organized a review of national costumes
Village of Breznitsa    
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  • A working - bee of Bulgarian - Muslim women. Weaving on a vertical home loom, work with a spinning - wheel (for winding the yarns, which will be used for the weaving), knitting socks and slippers. Presenting songs and people, and the customs of the village.
  • The women are organizing also an exhibition - bazaar of craft goods, produced by them. In the village it is still prepared a wedding dowry for the girls. At the past there were 500 home weaving looms in the village.
  • The women are preparing a home lunch with almost all products - own production. A specialty - bean in a pot with jerked meat on open oven and special sweet khalva.
Village of Dolno Dryanovo    
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  • Presenting of choro-dance and songs by the folk group. The tourist may join also the dances
  • Presenting of the local musical instruments - zurna pipe and drums
  • How is being zurna pipe made
  • Demonstration of crafts: - Socks knitting - short lessons and tries - Making tobacco baskets.
  • Fun stories - how to choose a girl to become your wife
  • Exhibition - bazaar of craft goods Visiting the old and the new mosque
Village of Teshevo    
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  • Packsaddle making, smithing
  • It is working the small water-mill, and fulling-mill
  • Very interesting is the church St. Dimitar with the clock tower and outside icon-paintings.
  • There is a historical wall-paining - The blinding of Vladimir Rassate.
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