association of people and organizations, engaged and working for the development of the tourism in Mesta - Nestos region


The Mesta - Nestos region is covering from Bulgarian side 4 municipalities by the Mesta river: Gotse Delchev, Gurmen, Satovcha, Hadjidiovo and from Greek side the district of Drama, lying on the Nestos river (which is the Greek name of the river.)

The unique combination of varied relief (from 430 up to 2709 m), favorable climate (with mountain - Mediterranean features)and curative mineral springs, is a valuable complex of natural datum and opportunities for concrete involving of the region in the tourist service providing. Among the historical landmarks in the Mesta - Nestos region are museums, revival churches, which could be seen in the most of the places of the Bulgarian territory of the region, the sanctuaries in the Greek area, ancient town like Fillipy - the town of Fillip Macedonian - an antique historical and archeological reserve. A precious resource for the tourism are the archeological objects, spread all over the Mesta - Nestos region. Some of them are Nikopolis ad Nestum - an ancient Roman town, the Bailica In Gramadeto, Momina Kula - near Gotse Delchev, the prehistorical village - 6 km eat of Kremen, The preserved unique architecture of Kovachevitsa, Dolen, Delchevo, Leshten are for sure one of the most attractive tourist resources of the region. They are small nice villages with very special atmosphere with typical Rodopean houses and narrow streets. Some of the houses are restored and are offering lodging. The ethnography, the customs and celebrations of Mesta - Nestos region are also very precious tourist resource.

The local crafts - weaving, belt-smiting, ceramics are part of the tourist attractions.

Cross-border region Mesta - Nestos has a huge potential to develop tourism, based on:
  • Attractive geographic location - on the both side of the border between Greece and Bulgaria
  • A natural resources - mountains, preserved territories, suitable conditions for spa and wellness procedures, sky sporting, hunting
  • Authenticity - saved culture - historic heritage, historical and architectural ethnographic objects : the villages of Kovachevitsa, Dolen, Delchevo, churches, lifestyle and crafts, customs and etc.
  • Various places for lodging and accommodation - cozy, authentic and with an individual service providing
  • Investments for improving the quality of the existing base and building with higher standards
  • Tourist attractions and opportunities for entertainment
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