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"Ani Lazarova" - producer of children's clothes used funding from the leasing scheme for buying sewing machines.

One of the companies that already accessed the leasing line was "Valeri Georgiev" sole trader

Another company - tenant of the incubator "Angel Mechkarov" bought through the leasing fund sewing machines
"Boris Grigorov" - dry cleaner services also used the leasing scheme
A machine for a timber company "Isa Hadjibekir"

New, better conditions for using the leasing scheme in 2003

More then an year Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev works succesfuly on scheme for financial leasing under the JOBS project. 13 companies already got equipment and machines. Totally 15 companies are allowed to use the leasing scheme.

The financial leasing scheme is a mechanism that aims supporting micro, small enterprises and agricultural producers in searching outer sources of financing. The funds are used for buying machines and equipment. These resources could be accessed by local companies, at the territory where the Business Incubator works. The leasing scheme under the Job Opportunities Through Business Support Project (JOBS) is financed by the Bulgarian government through Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

The objectives of the financial leasing scheme are:

  • Creating permanent employment;
  • Helping micro and small enterprises and agricultural producers to access external financing
  • Creating conditions for stabilization and expanding of existing companies


  • Maximum leasing amount 20 000 lv..
  • Grace perid - 6 months
  • Year interest - basic interest per cent + 10 points
  • Maximal term of liquidation - 36 months
  • Initial payment - 20 % of the value of the equipment
  • The repay is on equal month payments
  • The guaranty - insuarance for the benefit of Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev


More information on the leasing scheme you can receive in our office and on tel. +359 751 23467.








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