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Supporting micro and small business and agricultural producers from Gotse Delchev and the region
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Leasing scheme for buying machines and equipment
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The Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev, Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre is a non-profit organization that aims, with legal means, to promote the development of small, medium, family enterprises and agricultural producers in the Gotse Delchev region. By supporting the process of idea generation, encouragement of private initiative, exchange of information, and utilization the experience of developed market economies, we are aiming to reduce the increasing level of unemployment in the region and to improve the living standards and working conditions in the region.

The Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev started its work in 1998 with the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Gotse Delchev Municipality.

From the begining of 2001 Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev works under the The Job Opportunities Through Business Support Project (JOBS), executed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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The target group contains:unemployed; starting businesses; established developing companies; agricultural producers, minorities.

Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev
Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre
Bulgaria tel.: +359 751 60402, 60404
2900 Gotse Delchev
fax: +359 751 60403
Skopie 4, Str. email:
P O Box 42


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Job Opportunities Through Business Support Project

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