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The Project
Project Busines Incubator without walls for the Muslim women from the Municipalities Gotse Delchev, Gurmen, Satovcha and Hadjidimovo in the Gotse Delchev region

The main objective of the project is to develop the crafts as an alternative to poverty reduction.

The region has a mixed population and very high unemployment rate - 18% for 1999. The Muslim women traditionally can weave, knit and embroider. If enriched with new skills and experience, this ability could become an income-generating source. The project aims to revive and preserve the traditional techniques and to expand the self-esteem of the Muslim women.

The target group is the long - term unemployed, badly educated Muslim women, who are willing to acquire new skills.

The main activities include: creating of marketing strategy for crafts development, motivation training, "Start your own business" training, printing of promotional materials (full color catalogue of the crafts), creating a web page and organizing a crafts fair and follow-up activities. The duration of the project is 12 months.


  • Developed a marketing strategy for development of the crafts in the region
  • Christmas Handicrafts Fair in Sofia - 6-8.12.2000, participating 20 craftswomen from Gotse Delchev, Bresnitsa, Ablanitsa, Debren, Ribnovo, Ognianovo, Satovcha and presented the products of 60 craftswomen
  • Marketing research for the handicrafts products, summary of the results
  • Started business training for the women from Bresnitsa, Ribnovo, Dolno Drianovo, Ablanitsa, Satovcha
  • 60 women from 4 municipalities trained on starting own business and developing their skills in participation in fairs
  • Published a color catalog of the crafts in the region
  • Developing a crafts web-site New handicrafts products developed
  • Integrating of the Muslim women in the social and economical life in the region
  • Revival and development of the traditional handicrafts

The project is supported by the program Phare of the EU through the Civil Society Development Foundation


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