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The Magic of Rural Tourism  
  Whether you go to Kovachevitsa, Leshten, Dolen, Delchevo, Teshevo, Dobrinishte, Dobursko, or Banya, you will feel there the pulse of the well-forgotten world of simplicity, homeliness, and delicious food. The Rhodope Mountain villages of Kovachevitsa, Leshten, and Dolen keep their Revival-style architecture: tall stone walls, baked earth roof tiles, and a unique style.

You get a sense of the times gone by as you wander down the tiny cobble stone roads or chat over herbal tea and homemade jam in the Kapsuzovi Houses. Take a peek into the galleries or try the specialities of the tavern at the village square in Leshten.You will relax as you watch the beautiful views and breathe in the fresh mountain air in Delchevo and Teshevo. Listen to the storytelling of the old women and go picking chestnuts and wild herbs.



In Breznitsa, you will sit at a local gathering and watch the women do embroidery, sing, and perform their customs. There you can also taste their homemade dishes. In Dobrinishte you will go on a trip and have a forest picnic in Pirin, then lunch in a Macedonian-style tavern, where you will meet the local pranksters. Make sure not to miss the folk jokes of the Doburski babi near the "Sts Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratilates".

  In Greece, you can do some grape picking in Adriani, Agora, and Mikrochori, or you can head for the winery straight away. You can take part in the spuds festival in Kato Nevrokopi and in the cotton celebration in Photolyvos. The women from Kokkinogia will treat you to homemade pastries, jams, and herbal liqueurs prepared according to old recipes.
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