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Nature has been very generous to this area. In the foot of the Balkan Peninsula's tallest peak, Musala (2,925 m) in Rila, springs the Bela Mesta River. Whether you decide to walk, cycle, or go on horseback in the Rila and Pirin National Parks (the second is under the protection of UNESCO) and in the Western Rhodope Natural Park, you will enjoy stunningly beautiful views.

  Touch the 1,300-year old Baykusheva Moura (pine tree) in Pirin to get a sense of Bulgarian history, or visit the unique edelweiss garden in Dobrinishte.  
  In the Slavyanka, Rila, Pirin and the Rhodope mountains you can go on a search for rare endemic plants and ancient forests. Join a photo-safari to the dancing bear reserve near the town of Belitsa in Rila. Make sure you do not miss visiting the most splendid of Greek caves, Aggitis (Maaras) with its underground river and rare fish species, and Alistrati, with its enchanting marble shapes and figures, carved by the water over the ages.  
  Go on a photo-safari to the magnificent waterfalls on the rivers Arkoudorema, Achladorema, and Megalo Rema in the Central Rhodope, ramble or cycle across the forests of Elatia and Phrakto in the Central Rhodope, or go on a botanical and bird watching tour in the Menichio, Phalakro, and Central Rhodope Mountains. Pay a visit to the Paranesti natural museum, to see its dazzling display of the Central Rhodope's rich biodiversity.  
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