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The Balkan Cuisine

This area is famed for its hospitality and tasty dishes, accompanied by thick wines and "spicy" folk music and dancing. Everyone here has their own speciality with its secret recipe.

  Cooking for Dafina from the "Baroto" Restaurant is her raison-d'etre. With their pinch of spice and inspiration, her dishes are both delicious and beautiful, and their taste - well known yet unfamiliar - lingers on the palate for a long time. Bansko, Razlog, and Gotse Delchev are in an ever-lasting debate about who makes the best kapama, a dish cooked slowly on low heat in an earthenware pot.  
  In Gotse Delchev, serving homemade kapama at Christmas is an age-old tradition. The Molerite Restaurant prepares the Bansko choumlek as well as enormous sabre-like skewers with meat. In Razlog, you will be treated to chekane with chicken and with bourek, a phylo pastry made with boiled squash and cinnamon.  
  You will also go on a rural picnic with a staged kidnapping by a group of khaydouti (men dressed up as freedom fighters from the times of the Ottoman domination) in the Bansko Razlog area, and you will have a tasting of organic dairy products in a high mountain farm near Yakorouda. You can consider taking part in the national wine festival called "Vinena Zavera" in Bansko.  

Tasting of Greek elixirs in the "Kosta Lazaridi" Winery in Adriani and an evening dedicated to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, under the accompaniment of bouzouki (a Greek folk string instrument) in an antique-style tavern near Drama. .

  Fishing for fun and then having a fish picnic on the banks of the reservoirs by the Nestos River, or having an evening of fish-eating in a typical tavern near the springs of the Kephalari River. A rural picnic with a Rhodope cheverme (lamb roasted on a spit) and Circassian folk music and dancing. A visit to the traditional spuds festival in Kato Nevrokopi. An intriguing visit to the Kokkinogeia women, who make organic foods using old recipes  
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