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Hues and Melodies  
  The rich collection of costumes and fabrics in the Gotse Delchev ethnographic museum is a feast for the eye. Beautiful girls parading in old-style folk dresses or performing ancient rituals create a dazzling picture of glowing natural colours that are so telling of the taste of Bulgarian women! Festive tables are laid for Christmas, Easter, and St. George's Day.
  You will also see a recreation of the wedding rituals, among which the asking of the future bride's hand from her parents, the sewing of a flag, the adornment of the bride, the kneading of the wedding bread, and the drinking of sweet-tasting rakiya. The Nevrokop ensemble will cast its spell on you with its folk dancing and singing rhythms.  

Lovers of authentic folk will be enthralled after they have met with the Doburski babi (Dobursko village grandmas) and the Bansko male singers and dancers, enjoyed the singing competitions of the female singers from Banichan and Borovo, and heard the distinctive high-pitch singing of the performers from Dolen and Satovcha. Make sure you do not miss the koukeri (men dressed in pagan costumes and masks) celebrations in Razlog and Eleshnitsa, the kouker evening in the "Kipreva House", a photo-session in kouker costumes, and the making of kouker souvenirs.

  While in Greece, you should by all means visit the international dance festival in Chiropotamos, the folk festivals Eleutheria in Drama and Acrytia in Kato Nevrokopi, the traditional carnivals near Phalakro, the Bambougers in Kali Vrissi, and the Momoyeri in Sitagri. Consider paying a visit to the Circassians in Elatia. The dance on hot coals is in Mavroleuki, and the springtime kushiya is in Doxato. Don't miss the traditional Greek night with an opportunity to learn the steps of the sirtaki dance.
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