association of people and organizations, engaged and working for the development of the tourism in Mesta - Nestos region

Tourist Association "Mesta - Nestos" is stimulating and supporting the sustainable development of the tourism and the economic in cross-border region Mesta - Nestos.The key objectives of the Association are:
  • To create an attractive image for the region as a key Bulgarian tourism investment location.
  • To present the region in Bulgaria and abroad as an interesting and attractive tourist destination
  • To provide consultancy services to attract investors wanting to develop tourism and ancillary activities in the region
  • To support the activities of the local tourism companies and organizations in the development and promotion of attractive tourism products and services
  • To encourage employment growth and staff retention through the development of effective human resources strategies
  • To encourage the establishment of public - private partnerships to help lead large scale tourism development for the region
Tourist association "Mesta - Nestos" works for increasing the quality of the tourist services.
Aims of the Association:
  • Discovery, assessment, preservation and wise use of the natural and cultural - historical heritage in the cross-border region Mesta - Nesots.
  • Preservation and popularization of the authentic traditions and customs in the region
  • Development and realization of strategies and projects, stimulating the sustainable tourist development
  • Development of added value for the proposed tourism services and attractions
  • Improvement of the quality of services, development and attainment of best international standards
  • Effective promotion and awareness raising in regional, national and International markets
  • Realisation of projects for tourism development in partnership and co-operation with all interested parties
  • Networking support and lobbying for all interests in the region's tourism sector within local, regional, national and EU authorities.
  • Raising the professional competence and qualification of all staff employed in tourism through training and exchange of best practice
  • Establishment of sustainable partnerships between Bulgarian and foreign partners from allied organizations to help achieve international best practice
  • Attraction of new members and widening of the territorial impact of the Association
  • Promote cross sector unity in the region to ensure strong positive competition that helps build vibrant and sustainable economic success.
The Association can provide a range of specific support measures including:
  • training, workshops/seminars and exchange of experience for raising the professional competence and competitiveness in the tourist sector
  • Specialized consultancy in business planning, marketing, and management.
  • Project development and pro-tem management.
  • Advice and support for securing investment and external funding
  • Development of new tourist attractions, routes and packages.
  • Promotion and advertisement of regional tourism service supply -promotional materials, Internet promotions, innovative ideas for diversifying the services, stimulating business to business contact.
  • Organizing of contact exchanges, participation at national and International tourism exchanges and events.
  • Development and improvement of local, cross-border, EU and international co-operation.

The Founder Members of the Association include:

Representatives of local authorities, NGOs, local suppliers of tourist products and service - hotel and restaurant owners, craftsmen, animators of regional tourist attractions, media

Partners :
  • Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev
  • Chamber of commerce and Industry - Drama, Greece
  • Municipalities, groups or associations of municipalities
  • Argentix Ltd, Scotland
  • Adam Smith College, Scotland
  • Voluntaries for Economic Growth Alliance - VEGA
  • Regional development Agency - Velingrad and Local economic development agency - Razlog
  • Bulgarian and International Agencies for cooperation and sustainable development
  • Nongovernmental organizations, media and other.
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