Choose a tour is a tourist informational system for the region of Mesta - Nestos, including the Mesta river valley in Bulgarian and Greek teritory.
Thematic tours:
Ancient Settlements - Legends and Tales
Ancient settles: Philipi, Amphipoli - Greece; Nikopolis ad Nestum, tracean sanctuaries in Rhodopea mountain In Bulgaria
Traditions and Lifestyle

Weaving, coppersmithing, bellsmithing, ceramics

Hues and Melodies
Ethnography and folklore - ethnographic museum in Gotse Delchev, Bansko, Drama...
The Magic of Rural Tourismегион ста - Чепино.
The villages of Delchevo, Dolen, Teshevo, Kovachevitsa, Dobarsko, Bansko ...
Wildlife Oases
The caves of Alistraty, Angitis Maara in Greece, rock formation Kozi kamuk, Kajaliski rocks, Bajkusheva moura tree in Bulgria
From Rila to the Aegean Sea
Ognyanovo, Banya, Dobrinishte, the lakes of Pirin mountain, the springs of St. Barbara in Greece ...
Christian Chronicles

The churches and the monasteries in Delchevo, Kovachevitsa, Leshten, Teshevo, Dobarsko, churches in Drama...

The Balkan Cuisineа
Restaurants and tavernas with tradional meals in Gotse Delchev, Razlog, tavernas and wineries in Drama...
Extreme Zone
Rafting, riding, deltaplanerism, hiking, and other extreme sports.


Euroregion Mesta - Nestos is represented by one regional panoramic tour and nein thematic tours.
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