Implemented projects

RespOnSE - Resilience Officer for Social Emergencies

RespOnSE project aims at providing competences to young people already engaged in volunteering, helping them transform their passion into a job opportunity.




RespOnSE aims at providing learning opportunities to young people aged 18-35 years, (to match the minimum age to be a volunteer in civil protection/humanitarian area and the difficulties experienced by youths in accessing the labour market), unemployed/underemployed, university and/or high-school graduates, with at least one volunteering experience - preferably in Civil Protection/Humanitarian Aid domain - to help them to transform this experience into a career opportunity, by providing them with:

- knowledge, skills and competences to improve their “on field” volunteering experience with organizational and managerial abilities;

- specific social and interactive skills, following their passion and inclination/attitude to work in direct contact with persons facing difficulties;

- entrepreneurial skills so that they are able to build their own career. Within participants, at least 180 will be selected at EU level to participate to a basic training course and 90 of them will experience a blended mobility. 


To reach project objectives, RespOnSE will implement: 

- a Curriculum for the Social Resilience Officer, defining the transnational professional profile in terms of competences, skills and knowledges as well as its job positioning;

- a Training methodology on social resilience, including: a training course structured in a basic online course (3 modules) provided through an e-learning platform, a specialized course (3 modules) provided though e-learning and a work-based approach (role/ simulation games, mentors/learner approach, cases study, etc.) learning tools, a study visit format, a step-by-step guide to use the method-ology itself.

- 6 study visits (seven days each, 15 participants per each partner country) in six different partner’s countries, structured on five different thematic focus: disruptive events, social impacts, response to social impacts, from response to resilience, building your own career. 


- Centro Studio e Lavoro La Cremeria, Италия

- Quesite srl, Италия

- ILA, Холандия

- Associació Meraki, Испания

- Бизнес инкубатор - Гоце Делчев, България

- Varazdin county, Хърватска


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