Bu4Inno Study visit in Greece




Bulgarian participants in the cross-border project Bu4Inno had a very interesting and fruitful study visit on 11-12 July in Greece, organized by Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev, a project partner.
Mr. Theodoros Axilitiotis, Advisor to the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Thessaloniki presented the successful activities and services that the second most important Chamber in Greece provides to businesses, the needs and support to start-up companies and answered many interesting questions of the young people who learned a lot about support to SMEs.

The visit to the bio laboratory of CERTH, where scientists and researchers do excellent job in apply science of agricultural products and food, was very interesting and so exciting. The researcher Lagiotis Georgios presented what research they do, how the sophisticated equipment is used and what is the benefit of it for SMEs. In the discussion afterwards, the young people talked about their business ideas and discussed where there might be common interests in future research.

The meetings at the University of Macedonia and the presentations by Tanja Neskovic and Stefanos Katsoulis gave an insight into the career development of students, the cooperation with businesses within the region, interesting initiatives such as the university's recycling certificate, the containers for separate waste collection that were everywhere, and the means from recycling, students make a more ecological and pleasant environment - the internal gardens-terraces of the university. It was very pleasant to see the common history of the cross-border region drawn by a student, in particular the alphabet of Cyril and Methodius. Quite a hot weather, however so much new knowledge is gained on the spot.

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