Newsletter No.1


At this first newsletter, the partnership of project FEMME would like to share with our readers the concept of the project, to whom it is made for, its aims, activities and outcomes.
We will also report the results of our Kick-off meeting, held in Portugal.


Mumpreneurship is a concept that incorporates Maternity and Entrepreneurship, meaning that involves women who, after becoming mothers decide to create their own business. In Europe that movement is mostly being developed by informal groups of women who feel the need to join into communities with peers to exchange ideias, share knowledge and expand their business.


In FEMME project we find a priority to involve incubators/trainers/adult educators on entrepreneurship to extend their competences for Mumpreneurship and provide a better and suitable service for Mumpreneurs leading them to create jobs on a start-up environment.


The overall objectives of the project are:
  • To empower trainers/adult educators on mumpreneurship;
  • To empower mumpreneurs;
  • To know the state of the art of mumpreneurship in the partnership countries;
  • To exchange best practices on mumpreneurship initiatives;
  • Dissiminate mumpreneurship by establishing the basis for an European Network on Mumpreneurship;
  • To ensure economical/social gender equality.


WP1. Coordination and Project Management

WP2. Mapping and Surveying

WP3. Non-formal educational model

WP4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Assurance.

WP5. Dissemination and exploitation of results.


  1. Report on the state-of-the-art of European Mumpreneurship
  2. Guide on European best practices on Mumpreneurship
  3. Guide with experiences/recommendations for Trainers/Adult Educators on Mumpreneurship initiatives
  4. Guide for Mumpreneurs
  5. Leaflets, Web and facebookpage 


M1. Kick-of Meeting

Place: Évora, Portugal
Date: 7th and 8th of February 2018

Day 1. This meeting had as the main purpose for the partners to know each other, to present their organizations and explore the project’s management. The meeting was attended by all partners.
The topics for the meeting and responsible partner were:
Project management and implementation - AML(Spain) 
Planning the workplan2: research, mapping, and surveying – SocialLab(Italy) and CCIPécs(Hungary) 
Dissemination and communication plan – IED (Greece) 
Setting-up the next transnational meeting – SocialLab (Italy) 
HP-MOS(United Kingdom) was responsible for the meeting minutes.
After the meeting, the group made a bus tour around Évora to get to know the city which is considered as World Heritage by UNESCO.
The day ended with a group dinner and Fado, a traditional portuguese music considered World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.
Day 2. The second day was prepared to present the FEMME project to local stakeholders and press. This organized by AML who invited local entities from the public and private sector, as well as the local media and a mother/entrepreneur to give her testimony.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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