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From Rila to the Aegean Sea

A rambling tour to the springs of the Mesta River in Rila. Alpine lake trekking among the beautiful "crystal eyes" of the Rila and Pirin mountains. Balneological programs for beauty, health, and longevity at the Ognyanovski Mineral Baths near Gotse Delchev and at Katarino near Razlog.

  Sunny vacations by the hot mineral water swimming pools in Ognyanovo, Banya, and Eleshnitsa.
Option: Walk to St. Varvara Springs near Eleshnitsa. Fishing for fun in the fish farms near Yakorouda and Gotse Delchev with a fish picnic on the Mesta riverbank.
  A panoramic trip to the Thisavros and the Platanovrissi reservoirs on the Nestos River. A photo-safari to the beautiful waterfalls on the Arkoudorema, Achladorema, and Megalo Rema rivers in the Central Rhodope.
  Rafting/kayaking along the Nestos River.
A scenic walk among St. Varvara Springs in the Drama town center. Option: Visit to "St. Varvara" Church. Fun-fishing in the Kephalari fish farm, combined with tasting of traditional fish specialties in the local tavern.
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