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Ancient Settlements - Legends and Tales

Many cultures and religions are intertwined in the ages-long history of this area. Numerous tribes and peoples have settled it: Thracians, ancient Greeks, Romans, Slavs... They have all left a trace: the Thracian sanctuary and observatory, carved in the Koziya Kamuk (goat rock) in the Western Rhodope Mountain;

  Nicopolis ad Nestum, an ancient Roman town built by the healing mineral springs to perpetuate the victory of Emperor Trajan over the Dacians... Legend has it, that it was in Bulgarian lands that St. Paul converted the first Christians.  
  The Momina Koula (maiden's castle), built in the Momina Gorge in late antiquity and then rebuilt in the Middle Ages, hides the legend of a brave maiden soldier, who guarded the road winding across the Mesta River Valley. The historical museums in Gotse Delchev and Drama keep the most valuable archaeological artifacts from the region.  

Thracian mysteries in the temple of the Greek god Dionysus near Kali Vrissi and participation in the traditional Dionysian celebrations in January. Philippi, the town of Philip of Macedonia, an ancient archaeological reserve in northern Greece.

  The amphitheatre, the agora, the forum, and the basilicas speak of greatness and glory. Here St. Paul converted the first woman, St. Lydia, to the Christian faith, and founded the first Christian church in Europe. In June and July the scene springs to life with the Greek drama and music festival.
  Ancient Amphipoli, the town that Alexander the Great fortified in order to wield control over the estuary of the Strymonas on the Aegean, and the golden treasure discovered in Paggeo.  
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