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Christian Chronicles

The small medieval church "Sts. Theodore Tyron and Theodore Stratilates" in the village of Dobursko discloses its mysterious murals depicting the Virgin Mary and Christ in a rocket. You can also marvel at the icons painted by the Bansko School of Iconography in "Holy Trinity" Church.

  You can peek into the tiny village churches of Dolen, Delchevo, Kovachevitsa, Leshten, and the locals will readily show you their miracle-making icons.  
  The old sexton of "St. Dimiter" Church in Teshevo will point out to you the mural depicting the blinding of Vladimir Rasate, and will take you up the clock tower to show you the mechanism that has kept the clock running for over a couple of centuries.  
  The ancient town of Philippi in Greece is the site where St. Paul established the first Christian church in Europe. The first woman he converted to Christianity was called Lydia.  

You encounter the Christian symbols of Drama, among which the Archangels' Chapel, "St. Sophia" Church and its catacombs, the Bishop's Office, and the Ecclesiastic Museum of Christian Art. The "Virgin Mary Eikosifinissa" Convent is considered a holy place in northern Greece. Legend has it that the icon of the Holy Mother was not painted by a human hand.

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