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:: companies-tenants of BI-GD::

The main goal of the Incubator is to create favourable conditions for starting business. Renting premises and providing consultations, information and training, prepares competative companies, ready to go out into the open market.

Business Incubator - Gotse Delchev , Entrepreneurship Promotion Centre is oriented towards micro and small companies. Their role for the regional economical development is important, because: they create employment have great oportunities for growth, they are more flexible and more inovative and they could count on a good relations in the region.

The main target groups of the incubator are starting companies and those who are developing their businesses, but can also be admitted working businesses - so called strategic tenants. They would not rescue any discount in their rent. The idea is to use these resources for development of the incubator.

The selection of the candidate - tenants is made by a Selection Committee, which follows basic criterias. The companies need:

  • to have an idea and business plan for their development
  • to have a potential for development
  • to create employment
  • to need the Incubator's support
  • to not disturb the other tenants
  • to not degrade the environment of the Incubator

A tenant may stay in the Incubator for a period of 2 - 3 years but it can leave sooner.

:: Business Incubator's Company tenants::

"Styl Electonics " Ltd - production of automobile releys and electronic switches
"Goce Net" Ltd - ISP -
Natasha Rozova - bookeeping services
"Voev" SP - translation, logistic and other administrative services




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